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HepVita can teach you how to manage and reduce MASLD related risks.

We strive to provide every person with the tools needed to assess and improve their liver health.

What is MASLD?

MASLD, previously known as NAFLD, is an acronym for

Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease

MASLD can cause:


Extreme tiredness


Ascites (significant abdominal swelling)


Liver cancer


Abdominal pain


Liver failure



1 out of 4 people globally suffers from MASLD
HepVita's tools can help you assess your MASLD
risk while learning about keeping your liver healthy.

Evaluate Your Liver's Health

HepVita has various free-to-use tools that you can use to assess both your dietary and liver health.
Use these tools to help discover if reaching out to a provider may be in your best interests.

Short Healthy Eating Index

Take a short survey and learn about how healthy your dietary habits are.

Pen and paperTake SHEIPen and paper
Simple Liver Health Meter

Answer four simple questions to discover if you are at an elevated risk for liver disease.

FIB-4 Meter

Calculate your risk of liver scarring by using data you may have from a recent check-up with your provider.

Learn about liver health and MASLD

The link between nutrition and liver health

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining liver health. Good nutrition can develop liver health, while poor nutrition can damage the liver.

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Learn about the dangers of MASLD

MASLD is a progressive disease that damages the liver. Learn more about MASLD related risks with HepVita.

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